Lifestyle Management Program

girl jumping“A Comprehensive Surgical and Lifestyle Management Program designed
Specifically to help you achieve your weight loss goals.”

Achieving long term success is dependent not only on a safe and successful operation, but on sustained lifestyle changes that encompass dietary modification, exercise, and healthy life choices, along with psychological wellness. Dr. Ludwig and Dr. Simchuk are committed to your long-term success and believe your commitment to a thriving post-surgery follow-up program is imperative. It is for this reason that we require all weight loss surgery patients to enroll in our Lifestyle Management Program. The fee for this program is due in full prior to scheduling surgery. This fee is for “non-covered” services under your benefit plan and therefore will not be reimbursed by your insurance.

We have designed a program that includes educational opportunities, support groups facilitated by trained professionals, and a wealth of events and activities all designed to give you the tools you need to be successful with your weight loss goals.




The advantages of our Lifestyle Management Program are as simple as A-B-C:


AACCESS – Most surgeons refer the patient back to their primary care physician following the normally prescribed follow-up time after surgery. At NVSA, you will have 24 hour, seven day a week access to one of the program surgeons who know you and the procedure you have had. This means if you have any medical related questions or concerns during non-office hours, you can simply call the NVSA office and follow the automated prompts for your call to be transferred directly to the surgeon. You will also have access to our Registered Dietician/Licensed Therapist to address any dietary questions you may have. And of course, you always have access to our friendly and professional staff at North Valley Surgical Associates. Feel free to contact us during office hours at (530) 891-1651 or by email at We are happy to help you!
BBARIATRIC EDUCATION, SUPPORT and TOOLS – From monthly post-operative classes to monthly bariatric support groups, you will have access to the highest level of bariatric education and support available from individuals who are trained in nutrition and fitness specific to bariatric patients. You will also be provided with tools such as a weight loss journal, supplement starter kit, photo documentation of your weight loss journey, and discounts at local supplement supply stores.
CCOMMUNITY – It is our desire to create a community environment so you will know you are not alone on your weight loss journey. We schedule regular community events such as weekend walks, healthy cooking seminars, support groups, and an annual banquet. You can also keep connected through our Facebook community and our monthly e-newsletter.

North Valley Surgical Associates reserves the right to add to, edit or change the services provided as part of its Lifestyle Management Program as it deems necessary and according to business needs. Please call our office at (530) 891-1651 with specific questions regarding the program and current support group schedules.


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North Valley Surgical Associates has merged with Enloe Medical Center.

Please rest assured that we are still here to care for you ongoing and can reach us at:

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